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The Evening Standard reaches an audience that are influential as well as being affluent. From the corridors of Westminster to the heart of the City, the Evening Standard talks to opinion formers, setting the agenda for the capital, providing insight and comment on national, international and regional news through the focus of London.

The Standard is every Communication Director’s dream…it often sets the agenda for that day’s broadcast bulletins and the next day’s papers…it has a similar influence to Today on Radio 4….both outlets have a virtual monopoly on opinion formers' attention during their time slots

Torin Douglas | BBC Media Correspondent

Read by people in power with power

The ability of the Evening Standard to influence the political community should not be underestimated. The Evening Standard has long been a title associated with reaching people with real power.

What will be the headline in the Standard...?

Jonathan Powell | email to Alastair Campbell relating to the publication of the dossier titled ‘Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction: the assessment of the British Government’