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istandard is a mobile friendly version of standard.co.uk with extra features designed to make life easy for commuters. It has been built so that each page renders perfectly for any given mobile device. As new devices come to market, such as the latest Blackberry, the site will look and function in optimal fashion for our technology hungry audience.


All the great content from our newspaper is presented on this convenient format. In addition to this istandard offers the added benefit of "utilities" that are not available in the paper or main site. These are designed to be useful to commuters on the way home and include:

  • Weather - London weather, updated every hour plus 6 day forecast

  • Travel - Find out about tube delays, train delays and road hold ups

  • Market report - After 6pm a round up of activity on the stock market

  • News updates - 24/7 news content

  • Sports update - 24/7 sports content

How will readers know about the service?

istandard will be cross referenced throughout the Evening Standard paper with a printed url istandard.co.uk and a short code to SMS (65400). In addition newspaper readers can get an update on the big story of the day by texting a shortcode to SMS and receiving a deep link to an updated version of the story.

For all the details on our standard.co.uk website click here