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What is the difference between display and classified advertising?

There are several components that define a display ad size but size is not one of them.From a technical point of view one major difference between the two departments is that there are seven columns to a page for display whilst a classified page has eight columns.In terms of the various categories that advertisements are booked under, a job recruitment ad will always be classified and an entertainments ad will always be display.Classified ads are grouped by their respective category and will be clearly marked on the page with its own heading.If a display ad is smaller than a full page it will be surrounded by editorial. If it's a full page it will be facing editorial content.

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Do you have a searchable database for me to look up stories?

There is no external database for customers to search through. However our reference library are happy to research specific information for you for a small fee. You can write to them at:
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This site is purely for advertising purposes. Visit standard.co.uk for editorial and reviews.

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You can register for our e-editions service We now digitise the Evening Standard every working day and bring it to your PC as a page-by-page edition where you can actually turn the pages with the click of your mouse. Prices are £2.60 a week, £10.56 a month or £104 annually.

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Unfortunately the Evening Standard display and editorial departments no longer take work experience placements due to time constraints.

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