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Online Display Advertising

Online Display Advertising

Extend the reach of your press campaign with our innovative digital solutions. Latest NRS PADD data shows that standard.co.uk adds an additional 400,000 people to the readership of the London Evening Standard.


InSkin is a new rich media ad format designed for online video. Ads wrap around the video player on a publisher’s website and remain visible for the entire video duration. When engaged by the user the InSkin ad springs into action, pausing the video and delivering a powerful experience through an expanded creative. Once the user has finished engaging they simply click the close button, InSkin retreats and the original video content resumes.



This new advertising format dominates the page and allows for an extended creative message.Advertisers can combine a leaderboard banner and skyscraper on the same page as the billboard, giving an extremely impactful roadblock.

Top Page Wrap

An impactful new creative format enabling advertising creatives to fill the white spaces at the top and sides of the page.For maximum standout, an advertiser can roadblock an entire page by combining an MPU and skyscraper with the top page wrap.



Any advertorial that appears in press can be replicated online, delivering an uplift in reach and frequency for advertisers. Content is presented “as editorial” and integrated into the fabric of the website. Interactive enhancements include:

  • Competition management and winner selection
  • Data Capture
  • Sales Promotion
  • Picture Gallery
  • User comments
  • Polls

The standard advertorial package is live for 1 month and includes 100,000 fixed format ad impressions to drive traffic, as well as a permanent navigation link. Additional editorial promotion is available.


Our team work with advertisers on bespoke podcasts using our own technical and editorial expertise to further engage a specific target audience. Audio can bring press activity to life and provide useful information, such as choosing a mortgage, starting a business or investing in the stock market.


Our team can deliver bespoke content created for an advertiser in the form of a microsite. The content and design is always original and is entwined with corresponding press activity, allowing brands to have a high quality conversation with our audience.

Content can comprise:

  • Articles
  • Pictures
  • Multimedia - Audio Video
  • Games, Quizzes
  • Competition/Data capture
  • Ability for users to upload picture/video
  • User/reader interaction

Prominent brand messages can be integrated into pages as well as a road block of all the available advertising positions. The microsite package can be live for upwards of a month and the package includes ad impressions to drive traffic as well as a branded link in the main navigation.


Section Sponsorship

Specific channels can be sponsored by inserting brand messages into content.

Page Peel

A full page peel allows for advertising creative to “wrap” the homepage of the website. If the user interacts with the creative, further messages can be displayed such as driving traffic to a competition or informing users of their nearest store. The creative peels to reveal the editorial content beneath.


Thermal and day part packages

Creatives can be flexed according to day part to target a message at a particular time of day, such as office workers just before lunch or before they leave the office.

Alternatively thermal packages allow for creative executions to run only when the weather is hot (sun cream, drinks etc).

Source: NRS PADD - NRS April 2011-March 2012 + UKOM/Nielsen April 2012