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Creative Solutions

The Evening Standard offers a wide range of creative solutions to help advertising messages reach the desired targeted audience with more standout and impact than traditional display advertising.

Ideas can be tailored to meet your brand’s needs and objectives, ranging from the simple and inexpensive to reader-involving specials with massive standout and lots more in between.

Solutions are available across a range of channels, both press and online, plus we have the option to utilise our many vendor sites, providing a range of ways to reach the audience.

Click on the headings to see the options available. If you have an idea you don’t see here, would like us to come up with something different, or require more information on how to make best use of our bespoke solutions, please get in touch.

Printed Solutions

Printed Solution
There are currently 3 types of supplement sponsorship opportunities available within the Evening Standard

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Digital & Mobile

Integrating a digital element to a press campaign allows advertisers to increase both reach and frequency.

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Case Studies

See how advertisers effectively use our portfolio to increase awareness, highlight launches and extend their audience.

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